Adding 'Copy Path(s)' back into pcmanfm


The lxde version of pcmanfm has a right-click option for “copy path(s)”. It seems to have been left out of the lxqt version. Any chance it can be added back in? Otherwise, is there a way fo manually add it back in? Thanks.

(Alf Gaida) #2

Please file a feature request here:


Is there any way I can file the feature request here? I had never used GitHub before and apparently screwed up. Before I had a chance to answer their follow-up questions, they had already closed the issue.

Here is the detail I had intended to post (and have since posted elsewhere…but I think this is a better place to ask). I’m not sure it was understand from my post or a previous post to GitHub by another person that the Copy Path that can be found on the navigation bar (via a right click – something I just found and which JUST gives the path) is not the same as the feature that used to be under the context menu (the FULL pathname, with filename included).

Briefly, now that the Copy Path option has been removed from the lxqt version of the pcmanfm file maanger, I’m tring to find a workaround.

More detaily, I’ve been using Linux since 2015, solely using Lubuntu and pcmanfm, so maybe I haven’t learned the right way to do things. But whenever I’ve needed the file/path name to insert into a desktop file, bash script, or command line, I’ve always used the “Copy Path” option under the context menu of pcmanfm.

Now that it’s gone in the lxqt version (and I’m preparing to move to that version eventually), I’m trying to find a workaround for that missing function.

Aside from solely using the CLI for navigation (if I did that, why would I need a file manager?!), what are the easy ways to get the path/file name without having to do a complex series of actions which I now have to do sans Copy Path.

Before (i.e., with Copy Path): Select file, right-click and select Copy Path, this gives the entire pathname including filename; paste into document/file/script/CLI

Now (i.e., after removal of Copy Path): Highlight and copy path from pcmanfm navigation bar, paste pathname into text editor; right-click file, copy filename; paste into text editor next to the pathname; select & copy the merged pathname/filename and paste into document/file/script/CLI

There’s got to be a better way and there likely is. I just don’t know what it is! Thanks.

(Alf Gaida) #4

@cliff - assuming you are known as randomix - a few hints:

  • different nicks are bad
  • - filing a bug and don’t care about afterwards will be considered as bad behaviour. Same as ignoring/deleting issue forms.
  • after some hard discussions we found the feature useful and it is implemented - if one write a bug and care more about the request - it would help us a lot
  • - the implementation, so it will go in somewhen and it will be likely released with the next release.


Thank you!

I apologize for the confusion. The evening that I first posted on GitHub, there was a family emergency. When it was over and I revisted the site, I saw the issue was closed and wasn’t sure what to do. Normally I’m on top of these things and would have responded quickly had I been able to.

Re: different nics, we’ll have to agree to disagree on that. :slight_smile: A little more privacy is one of the reasons why I switched from Windows to Linux.

But I’m glad things got resolved.

Thanks again.

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Hope your family is doing well.

RE nicks: randomix here and in github would be anonymous enough i guess - don’t you think? And in fact with you post here all people know that you are @cliff - so what. And google and who-knows-else will have indexed this connection soon. So i suggest a special nick for all these things where i want to remain incognito - but to use this special nick consitently.


I overdo the privacy thing, I admit, but I’ve been doing it since day one and old habits die hard. :wink: At this point, it doesn’t even matter if there’s logic involved. :smiley:

Thanks for the well-wish. The injury to the family member was much less than the property damage, so the outcome was much better than it could have been.

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Have you tried dragging-and-dropping a file into QTerminal? You might be pleasantly surprised. I haven’t tried that with other terminal emulators, so results my vary.

You could also press F4 and type pwd, to at least get the directory that you want.

Copy Path is something I used a lot in the old PCManFM, so I would also appreciate this feature too.


I agree… Three days on Lubuntu 18.10 and I already miss it!!!

What i am not sure to understand is that at “” is marked as “Done”.

What that means? It will be on the next release of pcmanfm-qt?

My five cents, Jofre

Ups: I just saw that the LXQT 0.14 is out! I need to see if I can update my Lubuntu 18.10…

(Pedram Pourang) #10

The word “done” comes from “do”; for “do”, please consult a dictionary.

(Alf Gaida) #11

and LXQt 0.14.0 isn’t released right now - don’t spread misinformations. And please read my explanation in the bug again.

Especially this part is important:

We don’t count arguments like “I want it! It was in pcmanfm!!!” as reason for re-open a closed issue. So bring a good example why the missed functionality is really useful. Convince us - otherwise we will close the re-opened bug too.

(Hmollercl) #12

On pcmanfm-qt you can click at the right of the “path buttons” and then an editable path appear. You can copy that. Isn’t that enough?

(stefano) #13

As said, it’s already implemented in git version, not as context menu but there is a shortcut.schermata-25-14-24-31