Alarming exclamation marks on desktops ""untrusted" desktop files

(renegat) #1

Since update to lxqt 0.14 there are alarming exclamation marks on every desktop file on my desktop.

The announcments to release lxqt 0.14 refer to ‘support for trusting executables and also added an emblem to untrusted desktop files inside user home. Executables/desktop files can be “trusted” in their context menus.’

But there is no such option to mark any executables/desktop files as “trusted” in their context menus.

How can I get rid of this ‘feature’? Any way to disable it? And what is it good for?

Thank you.

(Pedram Pourang) #2

Please check the GUI at least a little before asking!

If you see a simple emblem as something intolerable (as @agaida has predicted correctly), first uncheck Preferences → Behavior → Launch executable files without prompt (the default), restart pcmanfm-qt and then, you could trust desktop files/executable from their context menus.

BTW, the option “Launch executable files without prompt” might be removed in a future version – at least, that was my plan.

(renegat) #3

Thank you for pointing me to the solution.

How could someone guess, that there is a coherence whether the ‘Launch executable files without prompt’ option is set or not and the ability to mark executables/desktop files as trusted?

I searched the GUI and online for any documentation on this feature without luck. If there was even a little documentation I would not have to ask here!

BTW: A red exclamation mark is generally understood as a sign for a kind of serious danger - so if you use such FUD don’t wonder if users are alarmed!

(Alf Gaida) #4

@renegat - i would like it if users would use words like FUD more carefully. Trust of executable files is serious, other people think about it the same way. We implemented this functionality because there was the need for (open CVE for multiple desktop environments) - what should i say, these guys was right.

Being alarmed is fine, if you don’t know why a thing is implemented, ask kindly. Reactions like “ey, morons, how do i get rid of this useless shit” might not lead to useful answers.

(Pedram Pourang) #5

“Launch executable files without prompt” was an old, inefficient and risky option. It doesn’t have anything to do with trusting. Trusting was added later – as a clean security fix – and made that option obsolete. However, removing an old option suddenly wasn’t a good decision. Instead, I kept it temporarily but made it incompatible with trustung.

@agaida enabled trusting with that option in a patch that’s merged in the latest git source. It wasn’t what I wanted to do but it’s OK for now.

(Pedram Pourang) #6

I wanted to mention this earlier:

Your words showed signs of an imminent panic attack: "How can I get rid of this ‘feature’? Any way to disable it? And what is it good for?" You could have answered your questions by remaining calm and playing with the GUI.

Further questions could cause a real panic attack if you aren’t careful :wink:

(renegat) #7

@tsujan With quite a lot of desktop files on desktop I first really was in panik about these suddenly appearing red exclamation marks everywhere as I thought my system could have been infected by a virus or something like that. Thank you for clarification.

I know it is always a balancing act between security and usability.

Please be assured that I do not consider anyone here as a moron or think you are implementing ‘useless shit’.

If I would had thought so I would not have taken these ‘simple emblems’ so seriously. :wink:

Really no harm meant! Looking forward for LXQt 1.0!

(Pedram Pourang) #8

Again, it’s a case of playing with the GUI: you could select them, right click, and trust all of them at once.

We were attacked severely because of the lack of security in this regard (just joking – the attack wasn’t deadly). I agreed with the attackers: executables should be executed only when the user explicitly trusts them. He/she shows his trust by using their context menu once for all.

No harm caused.