Applications menu launcher right click to edit items not working

(Dale) #1

Hello, thanks for the nice light distro, I’m newer to using if that may be part of my issue…

Somehow there is no right click context menu to edit items in the application launcher menu. Right clicking makes the menu go away as if launching the selected program, instead of bringing up the gui to edit the item. I don’t think this is the original behavior?

For example, I have added system-config-samba which has an error due to using gksu to launch it, and gksu deprecated. I need to change the command to launch it,… how do I fix the menu item (or modify anything else I might want to change in the application launcher menu…)

Thanks! Dale

(palinek) #2

Applications shown in the menu are “.desktop” files -> the most of them residing in /usr/share/applications. Find your particular .desktop file and manually (text editor) edit it to suit your needs.


And if not there, check for more desktop files in $HOME/.local/share/applications if they were not installed at the system level.