Breeze color-scheme


(hamzeh) #1

Hi guys, I’m using lxqt in lubuntu as default desktop environment. We can change the widget/Qt style in the appearance. Currently, I’m using the breeze. As you know the breeze has different color-schemes. The default color-scheme of breeze is bright(Breeze.colors file). And now I want to change the default color-scheme of breeze. How? I don’t want to use systemsettings5or any other 3rd party application.

  1. Where/how can I change the selected color-scheme of the breeze manually? (config file , …)

  2. Can I update the Breeze.colors in the breeze project, build and install it? In this approach I’ll put my color-set in the Breeze.colors. link:

(Alf Gaida) #2

install plasma - it contains the colors kcm

(hamzeh) #3

But I don’t want to use plasma as desktop environment.

(Pedram Pourang) #4

Installing Plasma doesn’t mean using it.

That’s a (small) problem with KDE: it has some artificial dependencies. Breeze is a Qt widget style but its settings require KDE stuff. There are other examples too. Nothing can be done outside KDE.

(hamzeh) #5

I found the ~/.config/kdeglobals file. With this file we can change the breeze color-scheme manually. Have we alternate path for kdeglobals file? In fact I need a list of paths that we can put this file in them. Which paths will be checked for reading this file?

(palinek) #6

This is completely out of topic for LXQt. You need to consult kde/breeze documentation and/or devs.

(Hmollercl) #7

this will do the trick:

cp /usr/share/color-schemes/BreezeDark.colors ~/.config/kdeglobals

(Alf Gaida) #8

@hmollercl - not really, the colors definition are only a part of the kdeglobals

(Hmollercl) #9

yes, but the other things I’ve seen are for kwin (in lubuntu we use openbox) and icons which aren’t affected because we use lxqt-config-appearance. And since he only wants colorscheme, if he uses Breeze as Qt Widget it will work.

(hamzeh) #10

@hmollercl Also there is a small app in the breeze package, kde4breeze. The kde4breeze is responsible for generating the kdeglobals.