(oui) #1

I was searching for the actual list of recommended applications using lxqt as the most DE have probably a prefered list excepted the most tiny one like openbox or jwm.

a/ exist such a list? b/ can it be different from release to release? c/ if yes how to see which release of LXQT is in use actually?

Why my searching action? My lovely browser crashes immediately showing this very complex forum page :-(( !

Which browser?

The browser of one of my two lovely distribution using since years lxde and trying actually to implement LXQT for it’s next release, to be perhaps/probably the next DE, SliTaz. The browser uses webkitgtk (actually I am not in SliTaz any more but in Deepin, but I know from parallel msg that nobody here knows Deepin, astonish as Deepin some kind of standard for one of the most modern countries of our world and probably the next (or is already) the leader country of the world! But, ok… (I am not Chinese at all! I am French, my forum name has to indicate it! But I would prefer to live in a society being realist… I use here in Deepin the free Mozilla Seamonkey to write this message).

If that good is, a forum machine excluding people having interest but actually not member and with totally different environment?

Note for those having the problem: links2 -g opens the forum but no access has no javascript etc. But you can try your luck reading in messages of existing threads…

(stefano) #2

Being built with Qt the first joice are qt-apps. Manjaro has a list of them here. And I have heard of deepin but it doesn’t interest me much, once I’ve found my DE (and distro) many years ago :wink:

But you can use anything you like with LXQt.

(Pedram Pourang) #3

Then, reconsider your love for it; it has bugs.

I don’t have any interest in Deepin but, as @stefonarch correctly mentioned, you could use any app under LXQt.

As for browser, I’m satisfied with Falkon but have Firefox and Chromium too because of their extensions – although I’m not in love with them.

(Alf Gaida) #4

As @tsujan mentioned - one can run all kind of applictions in LXQt. I would likely tend to prefer the working ones. (sorry, couldn’t resist, but i will not use the template for a flamewar and recommend any preferred toolkit :wink:)

(Ringo32) #5

Falkon does not work here as for Midori… it just drops out. im more a chromium guy, ever used on 256mb craptop with i3. Was not perfect but was a bit usable, better then firefox and midori on that machine that now lives in te recycle street… :slight_smile: but falkon has just issues with my nouveau as for webkit2gtk opponent midori :slight_smile:

(Alf Gaida) #6

lynx or links2 might be good alternatives …

/me runs

Not to forget about about w3m.

/me runs faster :stuck_out_tongue: