Can't auto change background image via LXQt?

(Douglas Randall) #1

The Background Wallpaper image file pathname is specified via GUI Menu selections of Preferences -> LXQt Settings -> Desktop. The ‘Desktop Preferences’ GUI window pops up, and pathname to the desired background image is then able to be stipulated, and applied. The image filepath then becomes integral to the user configuration management, within the system. However, as I have defined a means to change the actual content of the configured image present by the pathname upon login, I find that the actual background image present upon login, does not actually change. Therefore, the LXQt user management system is actually copying the image present via the ‘Desktop Preferences’ window when used, and LXQt is not actually using the image present in the filesystem at the stipulated pathname upon login. So, where is such user configuration data being kept via LXQt? And, why isn’t LXQt actually using the image specified via the pathname which a user selects? Cheers, odoncaoa