Centos 7 support?

(John) #1

Hi so as being the only post in regard of Centos… Is lxqt is supported and working well on centos or it’s best to stay on xfce ? I don’t see any guide to install it. The only thing found from long search was : yum install lxqt* --exclude=lxqt-*-devel

and it end up with quite bad system, windows are missing the top tab ( with the name, the X to close) and being able to move out around. And there’s no notepad, leafpad or anypad… And a terminal was missing too. So probably not the right way to install or so. If someone can point out… or if it’s supported… As centos is not listed on the main project… strange.

Thanks for any hints

(Pedram Pourang) #2

When LXQt works on *BSD, of course, it should work on CentOS as a Linux distro. Whether LXQt is well maintained for CentOS or not is another question I can’t answer (haven’t used CentOS).

(stefano) #3

LXQt is not an app suite, so you’re free to install featherpad, qterminal or whatever. Is there a window manager installed and set in the preferences?

(John) #4

Well indeed there’s no windows manager. So i search and find to install openbox. I try installer several webbrowser, terminal as it don’t came with… So many icon don’t render… or not supposed to be compatiblce. All in all, for about 15-30 meg of ram saving… Xfce is the way to go. But yeah, for people on vps that cannot afford a 2g server, a low ram system might be usefull for them.

(Pedram Pourang) #5

That means either your LXQt installation is incomplete (some important libraries aren’t installed) or your installed icon set is poor (less likely).

(Alf Gaida) #6

https://pkgs.org/download/liblxqt - just use a distribution that ship LXQt 0.14.1 - we are no computer archeologists. (Ok, that means that Cent is out of the game)