Custom Action for mp3 files

(Günther Tauber) #1


i’m running pcmanfm-qt on xubuntu 18.04. i want to create a custon action for mp3 files, but mp3 doesn’t exist as a mimetype in /etc/mime.types. there is a mimetype named ‘audio/mpeg’ that includes mp2, mp3 and m4a. i created a new mimetype in that file by adding this line

audio/x-mp3 mp3

if i understand correct this should work after restarting pcmanfm-qt. this is the appropriate line in the desktop file


when i restart pcmanfm-qt (or logout/login or restart the machine) pcmanfm-qt doesn’t display the custom action in the context menu. whats wrong?

(Pedram Pourang) #2

If you do it correctly, it’ll show up in pcmanfm-qt’s context menu – restarting pcmanfm-qt (desktop included) is enough – restarting the computer is a an overkill :wink:

Several mistakes are possible, in /etc/mime.types or in the action file itself. As someone who has about 40 custom actions and has fixed several things in the code, I assure you that pacmanfm-qt works fine, unless you have a very old version or made a mistake somewhere.