Deactivate or killing pending notifications without removing the notification-daemon

(Pranav Kulshrestha) #1

Hi all, Using LXQt as DE just recently, LXQt on first boot gives a lot of noisy popups on the desktop,tried the way notifications are disabled in ubuntu but i vain,tried removing the lxqt-notificationd binary from /usr/bin/ but that obviously deletes the notification-daemon completely. Is there any way to kill these pending notifications? Help Needed

(stefano) #2

The notifications on first boot are about first configs and should never be shown again. Which version/distro are you using? In the recent git version there is a new feature about missed notifications, you can configure or disable them in notification configuration > advanced > unattended notifications.

(Alf Gaida) #3

There might be some pitfalls - first of all, a distribution should provide proper settings with the distribution branding, if one don’t install the branding package one will rightfully receive these notifications. If the branding is not complete it might be a) a distribution problem or b) intentional behaviour.

If the notifications pop up again after the initial start it might be that the rights in /$(HOME)/.config are messed up - one should check and fix if needed.

(Pranav Kulshrestha) #4

Thanks for the valuable output; Just a little bit more info:

  1. Is their any way to stop these first config notifications? We are working to use LXQt for the desktop environment in a Custom ISO and we don’t want these notifications that crowd the screen on first boot

(Alf Gaida) #5

Read the notifications carefully and provide the needed settings in a branding package - thats all. In some cases the notifications should occur - so the user has to set the whished behaviour - in other words it’s your decision which settings you provide. One can do this within the iso build process or maybe better with /etc/skel

(Pedram Pourang) #6

There’s an ambiguity in this description. A “popup” can be a dialog, a message-box or a notification popup. Only the last one belongs to lxqt-notificationd and it can be about any (start-up) app that has a notification, not necessarily an LXQt app.

Saying that there are some “popups” without telling anything about their contents isn’t helpful.

The question is: what are “these notifications”?! A notification always says something.

(Pranav Kulshrestha) #7

Sorry for the ambiguity there in the description;Novice I am sure that these are notifications that are controlled by lxqt-notificationd because if we remove the daemon at the time of configuration these notifications are not displayed

At the starting of the boot;notifications about lxqt-panel, lxqt-powermanagement, and lxqt-power flood the desktop and we don’t need these notifications for the custom ISO

(Pedram Pourang) #8

Then, I have nothing to add to @agaida’s reply – it was the best, considering the info you provided.

(Alf Gaida) #9

@tsujan - the reason might be that i see some things with my distribution maintainer or isobuilder hat on :smiley: