Desktop Launcher icon mix-up

(José) #1

Hello everyone

I’m quite new to linux and after installing Lubuntu with LXQT desktop on my laptop, I noticed that the trash Icon could not be added to the desktop. Even though this was a minor nuisance, I spent a lot of time trying to fix it to no avail. The problem is that, during my last attempt, a new and more annoying problem has appeared.

I tried to create a shortcut to the trash folder in the desktop by using the ln -s terminal command as follows:

ln -s trash:/// /home/username/Desktop

This created a launcher icon, and upon double-clicking it, a window prompted me to choose the program to associate to that file extension in particular and I chose the files app PCManFM-Qt. I then double clicked the icon several times and nothing happenned. After that, I just deleted the launcher icon with right click and ‘send to trash’, and a window informed me of an error saying something about the chosen folder not exisiting or something like that. The thing is that, from that point on, whenever I download anything with Chromium and I click on “show in folder” after the file has been downloaded (I think that’s the translation, my version is in Spanish), Lubuntu automatically opens the download folder and, for some mysterious reason, the trash folder as well. I have tried uninstalling chromium and re-installing it and the problem persists. I downloaded another browser (chrome) and the same problem happens with it.

Is there anything that I can do to stop this?, It’s not that big of a deal but it’s kind of annoying, and I would like to know how did I trigger such an effect.

Thanks for your help

(Pedram Pourang) #2

Solution: Either use a distro that has an up-to-date LXQt (a rolling distro like Debian Testing, Manjaro Testing or OpenSUSE) or wait until the next Ubuntu upgrade.

Trash, Computer,… can be added to Desktop through desktop preferences → Advanced tab

(José) #3

Thanks for your reply, but what about the other problem? The one in which the trash folder opens itself when I click on show downloads folder in my browser.

(stefano) #4

You can try delete ~/.config/pcmanfm-qt, for sure creating a new user will work.

(José) #5

I deleted the folder and it didn’t work. Can’t I fix it without creating a new user?

(stefano) #6

No idea what happened exactly, check also ~/.local/share/applications maybe there is a an entry created for trash for pcman now.

(Pedram Pourang) #7

It’s practically impossible to know what happens in your system. The problems you see can have several causes: An outdated LXQt installation; an incomplete installation (recommended packages may haven’t been installed); incorrect file association (in ~/.config/mimeapps.list or ~/.config/lxqt-mimeapps.list); and who knows what else?

If you had an up-to-date LXQt installation, it might be possible to find the cause by excluding pcmanfm-qt.

(José) #8

I tried creating a new user and the problem persists. I also can’t find the folder you speak about in the file browser…

(José) #9

Ok, but can I fix it? Everything was working perfectly before I used the ln -s command. Can’t I go back to how things were before?

(Pedram Pourang) #10

Your problem is caused in this way:

You should remove that file association (one of the causes I mentioned above).

(José) #11

I did that, but to problem persists…

(stefano) #12

That is real strange, you didn’t issue any command with sudo, so any changes should be in your (old) home directory.

In my installation:


(Pedram Pourang) #13

@stefonarch You’re right. He shouldn’t have logged in as the new user.

(José) #14

Yes, mine is config/mimeapps. I opened the file and there was the new file association that I gad created. I deleted it and saved the file. But still for some reason, when I click show downloads folder in chromium both the downloads and the trash folder open at the same time…

(José) #15

This was before creating the new user though. I really have no idea what the connection may be between all these events, but all started with the creation of the launcher and its association with PCManFMQt