Detailed guide to enable High-DPI-scaling on LXQt

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Yes, when you use scaling, Linux on the Mac is extremely sharp and crisp. It’s beautiful. One reason I wanted to contribute a fix was that Mac users could be put off by the googling and trial and error just to get vanilla Linux install looking normal.

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I just noticed that installing NVIDIA drivers modifies your X settings, you can override by adding Xft.dpi: 96 in ~/.Xresources.

Also, there are some tips on scaling Gimp and Inkscape on the Arch linux wiki:


Interesting. I think a dpi of 100 is essentially no correction as 96 is considered normal non-hidpi resolution. Does setting of 100 look ever slightly larger than it was before NVIDIA drivers made modifications? I used to set Xft.dpi to 192 (for my unique screen resolution) but recently commented it out as it interfered with the /etc/environment settings so kindly provided in this thread. If I have problems in future because of something an app installed I’ll probably try setting to 96 (i.e. no correction). The Arch link is for Gimp 2.8, and 2.10 is a major upgrade, and I think has to be treated separately, though some stuff may still work. 2.10 was also supposed to bring hidpi support to Gimp, but if you do a search

Blockquote Gimp 2.10 hidpi

you’ll see the issue is far from solved, especially for larger 4K screens that a lot of graphic designers like to use. My guess is the hidpi implementation varies by DE and maybe distro. For me, an LXQt user, doing two things helped me. One was setting Icon Theme in Gimp Preferences to “Guess icon size from resolution” as even setting to huge was still far too tiny. The second thing was a theme specific setting of

style “user-font”

{ font_name=“Source Han Sans JP Semi-Bold 19” }

widget_class “*” style “user-font”

in gtkrc in ~/.config/GIMP/2.10/themes/theme directory, of course choosing a suitable font size and weight, depending on languages to be displayed. The latter of course only works for the particular style being edited, but those two things have made my GIMP much easier to work with.

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You’re right. I meant 96 DPI. I’ve edited my post in case someone didn’t see your follow up.