Different pictuers on different Backgrounds

(Bruno) #1


I have been using KDE-Distros during the last 10 years. As it seems that the possibilty to identify easily the desktop I am just working on (with different Desktop pictures) will never come back for Plasma 5. The last LTS with this feature will be closed early next year and I need not to start an new OS on a second partition (not a problem, I always have up to 3 OS installed).

I believe your Desktop Program offers such a feature as standard. If that is so, can you tell me, which Distributions this feature works?

IK do hope to get soon a response from you. Thanks.

(stefano) #2

Afaik there is no such possibility at the moment. But the desktop switcher highlights the active desktop (“rete” here) which makes it easy to identify. This could be a feature request IMHO.schermata-03-16-23-14

(jubalh) #3

Not yet: https://github.com/lxqt/pcmanfm-qt/issues/103