Do no display week # in worldclock

(James) #1

Is there a way NOT to display the week # in the worldclock app?

(palinek) #2

Did you even try to look into the worldclock configuration?

(Rex Bouwense) #3

If you right click on the time (that is visible in your panel) and then select configure “world clock”, you can make changes for how the time is displayed in your panel using the options under the display format tab. When I checked this I found no entry for the week number to be displayed.

(James) #4

That is what I tried. I couldn’t figure it out so I posted here. :slight_smile:

(Rex Bouwense) #5

OK. What do you want displayed besides time?

(Alf Gaida) #6

Right now it seems not to be implemented - in calendar it is. We accept patches. And maybe it would be a good start to file a bug for it.

(Pedram Pourang) #7

If you play with the configuration – as @palinek implicitly suggested – you could change the format in whatever way you want. I have neither week nor month displayed here. See “Advanced manual format”.

(James) #8

I don’t think I explained it well. It is the week numbers that I have circled in the picture: