Feature request: Spacer in center

(Kreyren) #1

Seems that LXQt panel is unable to move it’s components in the center

there is spacer widget that offers off-seting the width based on parsed value which is not sufficient assuming that cherrypicking value to be used is PITA and configuration won’t transfer if resolution is changed.

(palinek) #2

The spacer plugin can be fixed (predefined width) or expandable (takes whatever free space is available).

Note that space taken by expandable spacer will change heavily if used on panel with other expandable widget/plugin (e.g. task manager).

(Kreyren) #3

How do i set it on expendable? Or is it 0.14.0 feature?

(palinek) #4

Actually yes

(Kreyren) #5

ty for info

(Kreyren) #6

is present on master and works as expecte.