Filepicker/filesaver extension checkbox

(Hmollercl) #1

Hi, There is an issue with libreoffice and LXQt when using VCL=kde5. More info here That makes me wonder, where does the filepicker is? is part of pcmanfm-qt? Kio has some checkbox for adding extension, here you can see it: Does LXQt has some?

(Alf Gaida) #2

Please explain this “bug” - what does xfce or cinnamon do when using VCL=kde5? And what has KIO to do with LXQt?

(Hmollercl) #3

I haven’t tried in cinnamon nor in xfce. I could not change succesfully the VCL without libreoffice-gtk or libreoffice-kde ubuntu packages. I believe is more a LO bug with the VCL. I don’t know from who the code of the filepicker is, the filemanager or libre office. That’s why I talk about kio, it has some code on filepicker.

(Alf Gaida) #4

What i’m talking about is: We (LXQt) don’t use kio - if Libreoffice comes up with a Qt interface it might be feaseble for us - the KDE5 interface might be not the best choice for LXQt.