Font is too small

(James) #1

The font is too small in the world clock widget.

It is tiny and I can’t figure out how to make it bigger. image

It was readable when I used the nouveau video driver but with the nvidia driver, it is tiny.

I tried adding one again and it is tiny.

I tried changing the dpi setting of the display (I didn’t see ANY changes).

I tried making the font for the UI bigger, no change.

(Stefano) #2

World clock settings, custom at the bottom, there you can use html tags, example:

Result: schermata-09-20-23-31

(jwh) #3

Or (I presume) and size can be used:

(James) #4

<fon’t size=‘13’><b>‘HH:mm’</b> ‘ddd MMM d yyyy’</fon’t> works.

The extra ’ is needed or t is interpreted as timezone.

<big> is not big enough.

There should be a setting on the widget instead of having to use HTML tags.

(Alf Gaida) #5

plain no, will not happend.

(jwh) #6

Yes, I feel this is very user-unfriendly for the average person. Just a simple enable box (maybe defaulted on for “Use System font size” or something) to highlight a drop-down menu to select the size. Or at a minimum, at least have a hint that HTML tags can be used in the advanced mode?

(James) #7

I investigated font size a bit more and it doesn’t work. It seems a very small amount of HTML tags work. My system default would be too large anyway. It needs a real font size selector.

(jwh) #8

That’s what I meant, there could be a “use system default” option that you could turn off, and then select the desired size replicating the <fon’t size=‘{#}’> tag. Could be buttons for bold and italics too, for example. If, of course, a developer cared to do it. :slight_smile:

(Alf Gaida) #9

If this issue is so important, just work on it - i’ll repeat it until anyone can’t stand it anymore: “Hell, we accept contributions. And yes, we favour them over plain functionality wishes.”

(James) #10

If someone is interested in doing something, what sort of approval should they go through before starting it? It is one thing to get something rejected because it is “bad” code but another to get rejected because it is an unwanted feature.

(Pedram Pourang) #11

Any PR may be accepted or rejected; it makes no difference who makes it — an LXQt dev or a contributor. The reasons are always explained and the PR maker might be asked to make changes if there are problems.

(Alf Gaida) #12

Rule of thumb: If it is clean code and if it is useful - it might be merged. If there is a way to be more “minimalistic” and archive more out of the code - there will be discussions about how to do it better.

This is esp. true about UI. So please don’t be upset - but some things need a bit of discussion.

(James) #13

If I decide to do anything I won’t get upset. I am leaning towards doing something on nomacs. I may not do anything.