Gear icons in tray bar


Hi, I’ve two application in on my pc: skype and yakyak. When I open these applications, their icons appear normal but when I connect in sype or when I receive a new message in yakyak, their icons change and appear a gear. I wrote for this problem on yakyak forum but they decline the problem. These softwares have not problem in KDE or LXDE

(Pedram Pourang) #2

It may be caused by the icon set or a version of lxqt-panel that doesn’t include the patch that fixed tray icon problems. In the second case, you might need to wait for an upgrade. You could change the icon set to see if that’s the case.


How do I its?

(Pedram Pourang) #4

Since Skype uses its own icons, I think you don’t need to test. However, if you want to change icon set, you could go to LXQt Configuration Center → Appearance → Icons Theme.

Long story short, LXQt Panel’s tray had a problem that showed up with Skype and some other apps. It was reported and fixed a long time ago but your installation may not include the fix. I use the latest version of Skype and its tray icon is OK with the latest LXQt Panel.