Get desktop back

(James) #1

I was using The GIMP to edit a file and the screen went blank and showed me some USB error. Is there a key to get back to the desktop?

I was looking at the apport log and I think the USB error caused pcmanfm-qt to crash.

(Mark Rabideau) #2

Did you try to power down the pc and restart the system?

(James) #3

That’s what I did but I hoped there was a way to switch back to the desktop.

(Mark Rabideau) #4

The desktop should return on login… I guess I have no idea what your problem actually is/was. Perhaps you can provide some improved detail and error logs.

(Jim Shriner) #5

if the error was indeed a crash of pcmanfm-qt then restarting pcmanfm-qt in daemon mode from a terminal should restore the desktop management.

pcmanfm-qt -d

(Alf Gaida) #6

one can use the runner too - if such things not only happen rare it might be a good idea to have systemd-coredump running - automatic coredumps are fine for developers.

(Chris Wyatt) #7

I lost the desktop at one point, and got it back by restarting SDDM:

systemctl restart sddm

I’m not sure if that’s the best way, but it’s another way to do it.

(James) #8

The screen went blank and showed text in the upper left about losing connection to USB 1-4 (or something), “possibly bad cable”. Then the screen went blank again. I saw a mouse pointer and could move it. Nothing happen with the RMB and I couldn’t get a terminal. I tried all the function keys hoping I would get the desktop or terminal. I ended up doing a hard reboot.

(Chris Wyatt) #9

You need a very specific key combination to bring a terminal up. If you can move the mouse, then I would assume Ctrl-Alt-F[1-12] would bring up a virtual console.