How to get passwords in programs remembered?


My situation is this: Computer 1 is Debian testing with a straight un-molested installation of lxqt and a few other packages. Running the Nextcloud desktop client on it and Nextcloud remembers my passwords for various logins fine.

Computer 2 is a home server also running Debian testing the base installation of which is five years old. It’s had packages installed, packages uninstalled, I think four desktop environments and a heap of mucking around. Fundamentally it’s running the same version of lxqt and Nextcloud as the first computer though. Nextcloud on this computer won’t remember any logins.

I can’t work out what I’ve done differently and would love any pointers. lxqt_wallet doesn’t look to be available on either computer. What’s the sub-system lxqt uses for this and any ideas on how to poke it into action?

(Shrinivas Kumbhar) #2

use kwalletmanager.

(stefano) #3

There is no wallet/passwd manager atm, lxqt-wallet was an (abandoned) beginning. I’d rather use Keepassxc which you can configure to recognize any window asking for passwd with a shortcut and it will fill it in and hit the button too.


Keepassxc is good and what I use for most passwords, however the nextcloud logins are multi-step and it won’t work for that. I’d prefer a transparent solution, as I know is possible, because I have one computer doing it.

I’ve installed kwalletmanager, LXQT doesn’t appear to know of its existence though, and nothing changes. How do I actually use it within LXQT?