How to reload Desktop settings?

(Sheriff Hobbes) #1

In LXDE it is possible to reload the Desktop settings with the command “openbox-lxde --reconfigure”. For example you could change the file ~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml and then issue this command to make the changes active.

How do you do this in LXQT? I’ve called all lxqt-* commands with “-h” for help, but none offers something like “–reconfigure”.

Thanks, SH

(Pedram Pourang) #2

Openbox (a window manager) needs the concept of “reloading” because you may change its settings by editing its config file.

GUI apps either apply the changes after the user changes a setting/clicks Apply/OK or, in the case of special settings, ask the user to restart the app.

If you want to restart pcmanfm-qt’s desktop, go to LXQt Session Settings → Basic Settings → LXQt Modules, select “Desktop” and click “Stop” and then “Start”.

(Sheriff Hobbes) #3

That’s the point: I don’t want to click anything. I asked this question because I want to automate things like adding keyboard shortcuts, e.g. with ansible.

(Pedram Pourang) #4

See man pcmanfm-qt. Everything you need is explained there.

(Sheriff Hobbes) #5

The man page gives me:

NAME PCManFM-Qt - A lightweight Qt-based file manager for X Window.

SYNOPSIS pcmanfm-qt [OPTION…] [FILE1, FILE2,…]

DESCRIPTION PCMan File Manager Qt (PCManFM-Qt) is an extremely fast, lightweight, yet feature-rich file manager with tabbed browsing. It is the default file manager for the lightweight desktop environment LXQt.

OPTIONS Help Options: -h, --help Show help options

Application Options: -p, --profile=PROFILE Set name of configuration profile

   -d, --daemon-mode
          Run PCManFM as a daemon

   --quit Quit PCManFM

          Launch desktop manager

          Turn off desktop manager if it's running

          Open desktop preference dialog on the page with the specified name

   -w, --set-wallpaper=FILE
          Set desktop wallpaper from image FILE

          Set mode of desktop wallpaper. MODE=(color|stretch|fit|center|tile)

          Open Preferences dialog on the page with the specified name

   -n, --new-window
          Open new window

   -f, --find-files
          Open Find Files utility

AUTHORS pcmanfm-qt was primarily written by Hong Jen Yee (PCMan)

That’s it, nothing useful for my purpose.

(Pedram Pourang) #6


pcmanfm-qt --quit
# it's good to wait here a little (→ sleep)
pcmanfm-qt --desktop --profile=lxqt

(Sheriff Hobbes) #7

So you suggest to create a profile, let’s say lx-default, then I need to distribute this profile with “pcmanfm-qt --desktop --profile=lx-default”? Where’s the documentation for creating/editing profiles?

(Pedram Pourang) #8

If you use LXQt, the profile is already created and pcmanfm-qt is running with it.

(Pedram Pourang) #9

And you can use any profile but you need to start pcmanfm-qt with that profile. By default, it’s started with the profile “lxqt” under LXQt.

(Sheriff Hobbes) #10

So you suggest I make changes in the folder ~/.config/lxqt and then activate them with pcmanfm-qt --desktop --profile=lxqt? I tried that both locally and remotely with ansible. I changed the file globalkeyshortcuts.conf and looked what happened after the command.

Local result: No change. The keyboard combination I deleted was still present.

Remote result: $ ansible mypc -m shell -a “pcmanfm-qt --desktop --profile=lxqt” -become mypc | FAILED | rc=1 >> qt.qpa.screen: QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display Could not connect to any X display.non-zero return code

(Pedram Pourang) #11
  1. pcmanfm-qt HAS NOTHING TO DO with globalkeyshortcuts.conf, and conversely.
  2. You don’t edit config filrs of apps when they’re running. Your experience with openbox HAS NOTHING TO DO with anything else.
  3. You don’t edit config filrs of Qt apps at all – unless you know exactly what you’re doing, as a programmer.

(Sheriff Hobbes) #12

First you said:

I couldn’t find anything valuable for my automation task there and you didn’t point me to any working solution. So I’ve learned that automating changes for the LXDE environment is not possible. Too bad, but if that’s the way it is, fine.

(Pedram Pourang) #13

That’s always the problem when someone doesn’t know what he/she wants.