How to remove or replace dotted outlines on LXQt (Debain 10 LXQt)

(Leonardo Santana) #1

I am very attached to the visual in a system. I always try to change every detail that will serve me well (visually and usability). There is a detail that bothers me a lot: Why, even nowadays, with so many alternatives, are there dotted outlines?

P.s.: I know they are used on Acessibility or in case of navigating through a keyboard.

That was one of the reasons that made me run away from Gnome and go to Qt based DEs, like KDE and LXQt, where at first I didn’t came across them. But after a time using and seeking out the system, there they are:

Around the link.

Is there a way of eliminate those dotted outlines from KDE/LXQt or replace it for underlines or simply nothing?

On Gnome I managed to resolve this by creating a gtk.css file on /home/user/.config/gtk-3.0 with the following code:


outline-style: none;


But when I tested it here on Kubuntu 19.04 and on Debian 10 LXQt, it didn’t work.

As I said, it’s just a detail. I can live happily without it. But it would be nice to eliminate it, hahaha. It’s good to know something new as well, as long as I want to learn creating stuff on Qt. (Studying fot that)

(Pedram Pourang) #2

The dots in your screenshot are drawn by KDE; nothing more.

Apart from it, QStyle can distinguish the button that has the keyboard focus in various ways but the most common way is by drawing a dotted rectangle. There is no parameter for enabling/disabling it and, contrary to your belief, it’s useful: it shows which button is activated by pressing the Space key (that’s not the case in your screenshot because those dots are added by KDE – the link can be opened by Enter/Return).

(Leonardo Santana) #3

Not at all?

I know it is useful. I simply don’t want it, or just replace it by another way of focus.

Although the screenshot is on KDE, it happens the same thing on Debian 10 with LXQt.

(Pedram Pourang) #4

Kvantum widget style has ways of changing or disabling them in each Kvantum theme but because, in 5 years of developing Kvantum, no user has complained about “focus rectangles”, I haven’t added any option to Kvantum Manager (although, I might add it to V0.11.2 – not a bad idea).

I don’t know of a way in other widget styles.

Actually, the Breeze widget style uses underlines, not dots. As I said above, the dots in your screenshot are drawn by the app, not by Qt or its widget style.

(Leonardo Santana) #5

I see. Thank you for your answer!

Where can I follow the launches of Kvantum Manager?

(Pedram Pourang) #6

(1) Kvantum Manager can do nothing when you use any widget style other than Kvantum :wink:

(2) I haven’t added any option for removing focus rectangles to Kvantum Manager yet but I found your idea interesting. So, I’ll add it to git Kvantum soon (a release will be published later).

(3) That option couldn’t do anything with the specific window, whose screenshot you attached – for the reason I mentioned above (= hard-coded dotted rectangle).

(4) Kvantum isn’t an LXQt program. It’s a Qt widget style that can be used with KDE, LXQt, or any DE. Only by chance, its developer (me) is also an LXQt developer.

EDIT: Done in