I need help with qterminal bookmarks

(mousias mousatos) #1

Hello everyone! Does anyone knows how can i create bookmarks for qterminal? I mean, the format to use is xml, but how it must be constructed? And the most important for me: Can i use those bookmarks (if i manage to create one for start ;-)) for connecting to remote servers directly? I mean, i have exchanged ssh keys with all my servers, and i have them in hosts. Can i store a bookmark like “SERVER1” “ssh root@server01” ? For years i used GnomeConnectionManager, but in newer Linuxes, this program is no longer an option. All in all, i need a connections manager replacement, and i’ve seen that qterminal has great possibilities for this job. Thanks in advance.

(mousias mousatos) #2
Ok, i've found the solution:
Create a file  qterminal_bookmarks.xml
in "/home/$user/.config/qterminal.org/
Here is mine so far:
I didn't manage to make it show the right formatting...
Not in xml syntax, neither as a picture i uploaded...
Now i wish i could set some directives in those commands,
so a new qterminal could started in split window mode,
vertical of horizontial.
But for now... this is a great progress!