Include libfm in libfm-qt

(GEckenschwiller) #1

At present, the construction of libfm-qt is made in the following way:

  • Build libfm-extra from libfm-
  • Build menu-cache which requieres libfm-extra
  • Build libfm which requieres menu-cache
  • Build libfm-qt which requieres libfm

Inconvenience: libfm is also used by lxde for example and has dependences in gtk2
It is not ideal for LXQt who bases on Qt!

Question: is it planned to include all that it is necessary in libfm-qt to be able to excudes libfm?

(Alf Gaida) #2

<sarcasm>This would be totally new approach</sarcasm> - right now we are on the way to replace the libfm calls stepwise. That starts with the first incarnation of libfm-qt and the goal was to get stepwise rid of any libfm dependency long term.