Intro and Openbox menu question


Since this is my first post, I’ll do a brief introduction before getting down to my first, but not least, question. I’m happy to have found a forum dedicated to LXQt. I’ve explored a lot of WMs and DEs and, while they all have their merits, I’ve found LXQt best suited to my needs. I do a lot of installing on older computers and need a DE that’s minimalistic, easy on resources, at the same time functional. I also believe in working in pleasant surroundings,so want a screen that pleases the eye. I’ve been watching LXQt evolve since the days of Razor-qt, but until recently I’ve mainly refined Openbox to fit my needs. I’ve installed and worked with LXQt on Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, and Arch which I use on my personal computer, and LXQt has evolved to the point I find I’m using it as much as Openbox. I’ll have quite a few questions for this forum, as I’m fussy about fine tuning and getting things working as perfectly as possible. So on to the first question. I’m working on an LXQt DE using an Openbox session and Compton compositor. I should probably mention I’m setting this up for other users who won’t for the most part be Linux or CLI savvy. With both LXQt and Openbox installed, on the login page one can choose between LXQt and Openbox. I’d like LXQt as default, but I want a functioning Openbox environment as a fallback so in case something goes wrong with LXQt, the computer is still usable and perhaps LXQt can be repaired. For the non-savvy I want to create the Openbox interface to be similar to LXQt for familiarity and also since LXQt is already installed, why not use the LXQt-panel instead of tint2 or something. So far, all easy. My question is, how to create the best right-click (Openbox style) menu? I don’t want to use obmenu-generator or something since LXQt is already there. It is easy enough to have the LXQt menu appear as a sub-menu on distros that support openbox-menu but is there a way I could have the LXQt menu appear as the full menu on right click (which could also appear in LXQt login)? Thanks for help and I look forward to learning a lot in this forum. Kendew

(Pedram Pourang) #2

I hardly found your question among so many lines. If by LXQt menu you mean the main menu of lxqt-panel, the answer is “no”, unless you write a separate program that creates a menu like it.


Yes, that was the question, and sorry if you had to wade through too much background information. Specifically I was interested in getting in /etc/xdg/menus/ to execute on right clicking the desktop. I was looking for a script for this or guidance on how to create one. I figured since is already installed and does what I want, why go to the trouble to create openbox pipe-menus or install something like obmenu-generator. However, I’ve created an openbox pipe menu where executes as a sub-menu and it’s okay for now for my purposes of using openbox as a backup session. Thank you for your comments. If I come across an elegant solution I’ll post it here for others.

(stefano) #4

Could you share the details? Would be interesting for others maybe.