Lost some shortcuts in pcmanfm-qt

(Gabriel A López López) #1

I just noticed I lost the ability to copy and erase files in pcmanfm-qt with the usual Ctrl+C y Delete shortcuts. When Ctrl+C is copies the filename, if Ctrl+V it paste it in the filter bar. Also other weird thing, notice the filename in status bar:


(Pedram Pourang) #2

The most probable cause is incompatible libfm-qt and pcmanfm-qt versions. Please upgrade both to their latest git versions and test again (first libfm-qt and then, pcmanfm-qt should be compiled against it).

I’ve never encountered it but if the problems persists, please open an issue by filling in the template, so that developers can reproduce and investigate it.

(Gabriel A López López) #3

This is something new (since this morning) perhaps related with some experiments I did last night. I was trying to build the whole lxqt using build_all_cmake… and for some reason I don’t remember now, it failed. But this should not affect the system, it was executed by my user in my home.

Not saying this is the cause, is just the last (not usual) thing I remember I did :joy:

Just asked if someone suffered from this in the past.

(Pedram Pourang) #4

Once, I made and applied a patch for libfm-qt but forgot to recompile pcmanfm-qt and saw garbage in the status-bar. It was fixed after I recompiled and restarted pcmanfm-qt.

The rule: Always recompile pcmanfm-qt (and all apps that are based on libfm-qt) after compiling libfm-qt.

(Gabriel A López López) #5

Nice for the rule!

But, to clear my doubts, running the buil_all_cmake… script could have affected my system?

(Pedram Pourang) #6

I don’t think it can affect your system. At most, it may result in a bad LXQt.

I always build installable packages and install them. Direct installation may have various side effects – but not for your whole system.

(Gabriel A López López) #7

I mean, I just runned that script. Does it tries to install in the system or just build? It didn’t require my password to update the system as far as I remember

(Pedram Pourang) #8

Sorry, I don’t know; never have used a script for installation. But if you haven’t used your password, you may have a local installation.

@agaida knows these things better.

(Alf Gaida) #9

i know nothing about LXQt - but i know there was a Qt transition in the past two days. If that was no problem we should talk about the real problem.

just ping me - had a hard day to keep some Qt related things work :stuck_out_tongue:

(Gabriel A López López) #10

SOLVED! I compiled the last version and all good. For some reason, the other night I broke part of my lxqt system playing with it.

Important note: at least in Ubuntu, once you compile and install, the repository installed binaries will still have preference for the system so it’s required to remove them ir order to use your compiled ones.