LTS versions of Qt will be available only under a commercial license

(Alf Gaida) #41

@tsujan - and i knowed that one day the endless hours fiddling with licenses in debian will pay of for me - today was one of these pay days.

Edit: And the GPL says nothing against monetarizing open source - it only says that if one provide binaries one has to provide the matching sources. The GPL explicitly forbid rules like non-disclosure, in case that such additional clause would be written in an agreement the license (GPL) would be void and the person or people who wrote such a clause into an agreement would be a GPL violator. There is only a gray zone in the GPL2, called tivoization. GPL3 closes this loophole and introduce like the patent clause and other nice things. The not so nice thing is that GPL3 is not compatible to GPL2 - so no one can legally provide GPL2 code with GPL3 code embedded, it’s just a one way street. That’s why we stick to GPL2+ and LGPL2+. Meh, we can’t relicense to GPL3, even if we wanted to - all contributors of significant parts had to agree …

(Pedram Pourang) #42

The info (on grsecurity) was interesting.

(Alf Gaida) #43

And even if a paying customer would leak the semi-closed sources - why the hell should people spend work on it (distributionwise) - it’s all about wasted man power. Also a parallel to GRSecurity - with the grsecurity patches a kernel is mostly unusable :smile: One can google Linus opinion about the GRSecurity guys :sweat_smile:


Edit: And i think, we will don’t have any problems with this model - it might be that we have to set one or two #ifdef - maybe. The fine thing about LTS is: It’s dead, we don’t have to care about most of the time, only when security issues come along. But it might help to start a discussion about some volatile repostories for debian stable again, at least i hope so.

(Pedram Pourang) #44

When I put it into a psychological perspective, I can compare the reactions to Qt’s announcement to a panic attack :wink:


Yes a mistake on my part. 5.12 (not 5.8) is the latest LTS and good to hear that it will likely be in the next stable Debian release.