Lubuntu LXQt - What shoud I put in VNC xstartup?



I’m trying to setup a tightvnc server and I’d like to know what I should put in xstartup. When I put exec startlxqt in xstartup, I am getting only partial success. Let (A) the computer on which I am running Lubuntu LXQt and (B) the other computer that connects through SSH and/or VNC.

If (A) has no monitors plugged in, everything works fine. However, in the case where I have a ‘physical’ session running on (A), starting a VNC server kinda loads stuff twice in the ‘physical’ session (e.g. I end up with a second network tray icons). What should I add in xstartup to isolate the VNC session from the physical session?


(palinek) #2

So you want to run simultaneously 2 X sessions with the same user, right? Quick google-fu gave me this

So basically, IMO in your xstartup you should strip (nearly) all environment variables before running the startlxqt.

(just a wild guess, I’ve never tried to run 2 LXQt sessions simulatenously)