LXDE has gone


Sorry this a bit off-topic, but today I reinstalled Ubuntu Server 18.04 and tried to install LXDE and it appears to have gone from the repositories - /etc/apt/sources.list : deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic main universe multiverse deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic-security main universe multiverse deb xttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic-updates main universe multiverse

Is this anything to do with migration to lxqt?

(Jim Shriner) #2

I’m not an LXQt dev, just a user…but I don’t think the LXQt project has any say in Ubuntu packages. I think this is a question for the Ubuntu forums. I’ve installed LXDE and LXQt on Ubuntu mini, with no issues. Tutorial here if it’s helpful:


Although, in all fairness to you, I didn’t try it today like you did. So maybe there is something going on in Ubuntu? I don’t think so though, because Lubuntu 18.04 has to support the LXDE desktop until at least April 2021 (3 year LTS). So I imagine it’ll be in the repos at least until then.


Thanks for that, I agree it was a surprise. Anxious to get something rolling I installed lubuntu-desktop instead, (although I don’t like its small apps - when I want to use a GUI app, I want it to be fully-featured.


Panic over - lxde is back online now.