Lxqt 0.14

(Rui) #1

I have lxqt 0.13. How can I install 0.14?

(stefano) #2

“I have…” Where do you have 0.13 or better which distro are you using?

In every case you can compile from source.

There are some distros which are up-to-date, arch of course and manjaro (because based on arch) are 2 examples, not sure about others.

(Pedram Pourang) #3

Debian Unstable, Debian Testing after a relatively short time, and OpenSUSE are other examples that come to my mind. Undoubtedly, Arch is the best distro for having the latest versions of everything and Manjaro Testing follows it after a week or so, at most.

(Rui) #4

I’m using lubuntu 18.10

(Alf Gaida) #5

In that case the answer is simple …

Just wait for 19.04 or update to disco rigth now. There is a small problem doing so: One should have a clue about what to do and which possible risks that move might bring. Same for more or less rolling distros like Arch, Manjaro, Antergos, d-testing and d-sid and derivatives, it’s about the needed mindset and knowledge.

(Jean-Marc Pigeon) #6


/usr/bin/update-desktop-database is complaining

Could not parse file “/usr/share/applications/lxqt-admin-user.desktop”: Invalid key name: Name [cs] Could not parse file “/usr/share/applications/lxqt-admin-time.desktop”: Invalid key name: Comment [cs]

There is an extra " " space.

On my side I have done a small sed before compiling.

#bug fix in desktop fo CS sed -i
-e “s/Name [/Name[/”
lxqt-admin-user/translations/lxqt-admin-user_cs.desktop sed -i
-e “s/Comment [/Comment[/”

Hoping this could help

(stefano) #7

No issue with update-desktop-database here. Recompiled from git just now

$cat /usr/share/applications/lxqt-admin-user.desktop|grep [cs
Name[cs]=Uživatelé a skupiny
GenericName[cs]=Nastavení uživatelů a skupin
Comment[cs]=Nastavení uživatelů a skupin systému

(Alf Gaida) #8

And again - downtream problems should be reported downstream. Before one report problems upstream one should check if the bug is still present upstream. (https://github.com/lxqt/lxqt-admin/pull/152)

Best practice is to write a bug in launchpad and let the maintainers handle that.

(Jean-Marc Pigeon) #9


You are right, didn’t notice 0.14.1 was out. Was working on other issue (not LXQT releated) My post was more a “quick note” than a “bug Report”. I’ll try to do better next time :slight_smile:

(Alf Gaida) #10

no problem :smile: