(Carlos Sotelo) #1

Hello: When I use lxqt after a while, the pc freezes. And when I see the processes, the RAM is 100% full and there are a lot of “lxqt-config-brigthness” running. The only way to solve this is restarting. I’m Using Devuan beowulf in a netbook with an Atom n455.

(P L Lucas) #2

Is lxqt-config-brigthness autostarted?

If yes:

  • lxqt-config-brigthness should not autostart in LXQt session. Please, check your LXQt autostart settings. You can check ~/.config/autostart too.

If not:

  • Please, run lxqt-config-brigthness in terminal and check the output.


(Chris Wyatt) #3

Is it not more likely to be assigned to a hotkey, and the program is not terminating after adjusting the brightness? That would explain why there are multiple instances.

But yes, running it on its own in a terminal would make a lot of sense. Also see if there is anything in .config/lxqt/debug.log

I’d guess that it’s a driver or hardware issue.

(P L Lucas) #4

Lxqt-config-brightness is not using native backlight driver in command line mode. Command line mode is assigned to a hotkey.

@Yusuke I need your help: 1- Open your laptop and don’t press any hotkey 2- Open lxqt-config.brightness and change the backlight using the upper slider. 3- Check how much lxqt-config-brightness are opened.

If there are lots of lxqt-config-brightness sessions open, it will mean that XRandr driver is wrong and it should be fixed. Currently, XRandr driver is used by command line.