LXQT Custom Desktop Menu

(Jim Shriner) #1

Wondering if it’s possible to have an LXQT right-click desktop menu that can be customized to the user’s preferences, like Fluxbox, Openbox, or PekWM?

I’m a huge Fluxbox fan, with PekWM a close second, and I can work with Openbox, although I really miss the tabbed window function. That right-click menu is just SO INGRAINED in my workflow. I’m seeing a lot of LXQT distros using XFWM4 and KWin as window managers, presumably thinking about Wayland compatibility. And I think I read about Lubuntu developing or looking at a compatibiity layer for Openbox on Wayland.

Just wondering if it’s feasible to have a custom right-click menu for LXQT, rather than relying on a Window Manager. Something like this, for Plasma, presumably also based on Qt:

Consider it a friendly request. Thanks in advance for listening!

(Pedram Pourang) #2

pcmanfm-qt doesn’t rely on any WM to show its context menu (see desktop preferences), which is customizable enough because it fully supports custom actions (a short explanation can be found here until a Help is added to pcmanfm-qt).

There’s no plan for more than that but feel free to send your probable patches.

(Jim Shriner) #3

I understand pcmanfm-qt doesn’t rely on WM for menus, but it does allow the option to “show WM menus on right click” in Desktop Preferences, which is exactly what I do for Openbox, Fluxbox, PekWM, etc… menus.

I’m not suggesting that be changed. I think it’s part of the genius of pcmanfm-qt as a desktop manager. I’m simply suggesting that the ability to mimic those types of customizable right-click menus might be a useful feature in the LXQt desktop, especially if xfwm4 and/or kwin and/or other wayland-preferred WMs start to become the de-facto preference.

And maybe it’s not an LXQt app, so much as an LXQt-compatible app. I see several suggestions/requests to improve LXQt menus, and I’m thinking MAYBE this is a way to do that? I’m not a coder, or I’d certainly take this on, as it appears that an existing QT project codebase could be forked for LXQt desktops. But I don’t know what I don’t know…maybe it’s much more involved than that.

I’m in awe of the amazing things you developer and coder fellas do, but this is so far beyond my capabilities that once I learn to code, we’ll probably be using quantum computers and everything I’ve learned will be as useful as a typewriter in today’s world. All I can do is make suggestions from excellent ideas and hope one of you coders agree with me.