LXQT Custom Desktop Menu

(Jim Shriner) #1

Wondering if it’s possible to have an LXQT right-click desktop menu that can be customized to the user’s preferences, like Fluxbox, Openbox, or PekWM?

I’m a huge Fluxbox fan, with PekWM a close second, and I can work with Openbox, although I really miss the tabbed window function. That right-click menu is just SO INGRAINED in my workflow. I’m seeing a lot of LXQT distros using XFWM4 and KWin as window managers, presumably thinking about Wayland compatibility. And I think I read about Lubuntu developing or looking at a compatibiity layer for Openbox on Wayland.

Just wondering if it’s feasible to have a custom right-click menu for LXQT, rather than relying on a Window Manager. Something like this, for Plasma, presumably also based on Qt:

Consider it a friendly request. Thanks in advance for listening!

(Pedram Pourang) #2

pcmanfm-qt doesn’t rely on any WM to show its context menu (see desktop preferences), which is customizable enough because it fully supports custom actions (a short explanation can be found here until a Help is added to pcmanfm-qt).

There’s no plan for more than that but feel free to send your probable patches.

(Jim Shriner) #3

I understand pcmanfm-qt doesn’t rely on WM for menus, but it does allow the option to “show WM menus on right click” in Desktop Preferences, which is exactly what I do for Openbox, Fluxbox, PekWM, etc… menus.

I’m not suggesting that be changed. I think it’s part of the genius of pcmanfm-qt as a desktop manager. I’m simply suggesting that the ability to mimic those types of customizable right-click menus might be a useful feature in the LXQt desktop, especially if xfwm4 and/or kwin and/or other wayland-preferred WMs start to become the de-facto preference.

And maybe it’s not an LXQt app, so much as an LXQt-compatible app. I see several suggestions/requests to improve LXQt menus, and I’m thinking MAYBE this is a way to do that? I’m not a coder, or I’d certainly take this on, as it appears that an existing QT project codebase could be forked for LXQt desktops. But I don’t know what I don’t know…maybe it’s much more involved than that.

I’m in awe of the amazing things you developer and coder fellas do, but this is so far beyond my capabilities that once I learn to code, we’ll probably be using quantum computers and everything I’ve learned will be as useful as a typewriter in today’s world. All I can do is make suggestions from excellent ideas and hope one of you coders agree with me.

(Ringo32) #4

But there is a lot wiki’s over openbox menu, example how obmenu can generate a menu. there is also lot dot files , actually you dont exact to be a coder just a hobbyest would be good… only take some times sometimes you take from dot files like dotshare.it in search and wiki’s. Mostly i work from a base config and work to the end of my preference…

(Pedram Pourang) #5

Openbox is an old and simple WM that still works fine under X11. Openbox does NOT belong to LXQt. Moreover, it isn’t the best WM that can be used with LXQt – it doesn’t have a compositor and Compton is the poorest X11 compositor I’ve ever seen. See Openbox as a minimal choice; nothing more.