LXQt-kwin x11 crash on installing qtcreator

(Ashik ) #1

I am using debian and i use LXQt along with kwin-x11 on top of that. Recently the kwin-x11 version changed to 5.14.5 from 5.13.5 and it is crashing frequently.On crash all the tabs closs and the board goes to log-in screen.

(Ashik ) #2

I faced this issue for the first time while installing Qt-creator. While doing so, apt removed kwin related packages (initially i had kwin 5.13.5) and then while installing kwin back(version 5.14.5 got installed),i started facing this crash.

(Pedram Pourang) #3

If kwin 5.14 wasn’t old, you could report it at KDE bug tracker. Anyhow, it isn’t related to LXQt.

I use kwin too but have never experienced a crash in it. Now, it’s 5.16.5 but, of course, I had 5.14.X before.

(Ashik ) #4

I couldnt find 5.16.5 kwin-x11 packages for arm platform, the only one available is 5.14.x. Where can I find it?


(Pedram Pourang) #5

I meant that 5.14.x didn’t have any problem here.

The crash you see may have another cause – a bad build, for example. /var/lib/systemd/coredump can show you whether kwin, X11 or another program has caused the crash.