Lxqt-session always show x11 channel opened, closed


I’m using xstart to open lxqt: /usr/bin/lxqt-session --display $DISPLAY At first time a lxqt window open, and let me select window manager. I didn’t know i should select openbox, and selected lxqt-session, then it seems get into dead loop, and repeatedly show x11 channel (id=*) opend, x11 channel (id=)closed. Even I reinstalled lxqt, it remains the same. How to solve it ?

(Stefano) #2

Strange that it remains after reinstall, do you use a /home partition? If you can access ~/.config/lxqt/session.conf edit the line


Wondering if there is a check for existing window managers to prevent choosing wrong file.


Thank you. I followed your advice, it seems worked and there is not so much opened closed. But there is a waning message , and no window display. The message:

[19:43:10] X11 渠道 (id=11)已关闭。 [19:43:10] X11 渠道 (id=10)已关闭。 (nm-applet:1146): nm-applet-WARNING **: 19:43:11.158: NetworkManager is not running

what does it mean?

(Stefano) #4

This means that the NetworkManager.service is not enabled and started and the systray nm-applet cannot work. Depends on how you want to use your network, many are using connman.service and cmst as applet instead of networkmanager.

this means no usable desktop? Maybe you should delete all the ~/.config/lxqt folder, could be anything, permissions, openbox not working…


I reinstalled system and lxqt. This time I chose openbox when it let me select window manager. But the Xrcmd shows another error message, and still lxqt window not displayed. The part of output of Xrcmd is as following,

[09:23:32] Sent password. [09:23:32] Access granted. [09:23:33] 已申请X11转移… [09:23:33] 成功 [09:23:33] 发送命令行。 [09:23:33] sh -c “LANG=C; DISPLAY=$DISPLAY; export LANG DISPLAY; /usr/bin/lxqt-session” [09:23:33] Start timer (TIMER_SHUTDOWN, 180). [09:23:34] X11 渠道 (id=1)已打开。 [09:23:34] Stop timer (TIMER_SHUTDOWN). [09:23:35] X11 渠道 (id=2)已打开。 [09:23:36] X11 渠道 (id=3)已打开。 libGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast [09:24:41] X11 渠道 (id=4)已打开。 [09:24:48] X11 渠道 (id=4)已关闭。

I’m using xstart to connect to remote centos7 running lxqt. Local machine is win7 on thinkpad. Would you please give more advice ? thanks