LXQt Themes on opendesktop.org


I recently created my first LXQt theme, but found no suitable place to upload it, so i asked the opendesktop people to create a new category, and they did, here it is:


would love to see some competition there!

(jubalh) #2

Haha! This one is very nice :wink:

I adapted some themes a couple of years ago:

If I remember correctly they were all based off of the standard LXQt themes, just with adapted colors.
At that point I thought it might be a good idea to collect all themes in a repo and created https://github.com/jubalh/lxqt-themes for it.

However maybe just having them on GitHub and collecting them in the LXQt wiki might actually be better.

We even have a themes page for that.
It links to a couple of themes already.

Having the theme on GitHub and creating a tag/release has the advantage that distributions easily can package it if they want to.

(Alf Gaida) #3

Maybe something like lxqt-themes-extra in https://github.com/lxqt?

(Notsonoble) #4

Navigating opendesktop.org drives me nuts sometimes, but I’ll admit I like it better than stumbling across themes on github, sourceforge or deviant art so I appreciate the abgr’s initiative. I’m also a fan of KDE’s ability to look for a theme in the settings app, and download it AFTER deciding you want it. So a package with 3 gazillion and 7 themes in it, especially in a “lightweight” DE seems like a bad idea.