LXQT tips 'n tricks 'n hints?

(Jim Shriner) #1

Glad to have found this forum! As a true blue LXDE fan, I’ve been hearing about the progress of the LXQT desktop for what seems like forever, but I’m starting to see some LXQT desktops out in the wild, so it seems like maybe LXQT is finally gaining some steam? Siduction, Manjaro, Red Core, and Lubuntu Next all provide a curated LXQT distro now.

As much as I like LXDE, I see the opportunity for LXQT to be even better. I’m very interested in learning more about the LXQT desktop, but there just isn’t very much information out there for us laymen/users. I’ve seen a bunch of posts how to change themes, LXQT settings, etc… but I’m interested in the heavy duty customizations beneath the hood…moreso than changing themes, icons, etc…

I’m hoping that this forum will snowball LXQT development; as more folks become aware and are interested in using it, more information becomes available. And as more information regarding LXQT comes available, more folks will be interested in using it.

With that said, I’d like to encourage users to share cool tips, tricks, hints, or hacks to their LXQT desktop in hopes to spread the knowledge quicker.

My tip would be the variety of window managers that work with LXQT. As a long-term Lubuntu user, I’ve been a hard-core LXDE fan, but I have hacked my Lubuntu to use Fluxbox (and sometimes PekWM, for variety) instead of Openbox. It is MUCH easier to switch WMs in LXQT…and I’ve been able to port my customized Fluxbox, PekWM, and Openbox configs to LXQT very easily (easier than LXDE!), and switch back & forth in LXQT settings. I’ve also seen implementations with XFCE4 and Kwin WMs. Perhaps others I’m not aware of?!

Any other folks have a cool LXQT tip to share?

(Alf Gaida) #2

nearly every WM works fine with LXQt - right now i prefer xfwm4, my next choices would be kwin, marco and compiz - even mutter and metacity works more or less fine :smiley: