Make actions actionable in LXQt notfications after they've been stored



Thanks for @tsujan work, a PR was created to store unattended notifications onto disk for later review. Albeit, I think the feature is incomplete since the action buttons in notifications once they’ve been stored are broken. To avoid this discussion going stale since the ticket was closed [1]. When I was discussing it with @tsujan [2], the PR was merged to master. If the action buttons don’t work, why include them in the notification? Nevertheless, I moved the discussion here, for exploratory nature for the possibility of including such feature in the current implementation.

To that end, I have some questions:

1. What type of communication do applications use to communicate with the notification daemon? IPC, Dbus, Unix Sockets, Network Sockets?
2. …

I’ll look into the Notification standard I suppose would be at If I can, try to get in touch with Gnome notification maintainers in hope of providing some insightful information how they implemented their solution on their end.