Manjarowish:lxqt-kwin Edition

(Shrinivas Kumbhar) #1

this is a manjaro linux spin with lxqt and kwin

i have done some theming added zramswap by default

note:both edition’s do not include any networkmanager related packages instead they use Connman and its frontend CMST

download dark edition--------->

download light edition-------->

extra packages in regular

#---------=> applications

>extra firefox
>extra firefox-extension-https-everywhere
>extra firefox-decentraleyes
>extra firefox-extension-privacybadger
>extra firefox-ublock-origin
>extra manjaro-browser-settings 

>extra shotcut
>extra converseen
>extra pdf2img-c
>extra soundkonverter
>extra transmageddon
>extra keepassxc

>extra kid3-qt

>extra tigervnc
>extra telegram-desktop

>extra steam-manjaro
>extra libreoffice-fresh

>extra pdfsam
>extra krita
>extra blender
>extra cantata
>extra mpd
>extra perl-uri
>extra smplayer
>extra audacity
#-----------=>smplayer opt deps
>extra smplayer-themes
>extra smplayer-skins
>extra smtube
>extra youtube-dl
>extra mplayer

#---------=> printing
>extra manjaro-printer
>extra skanlite

#---------=> samba
>extra manjaro-settings-samba

>extra gvfs-nfs
>extra gvfs-smb
>extra ksysguard

>extra kvantum-manjaro
>extra qt5ct

#---------=> opt deps for transmageddon
>extra gst-libav
>extra gst-plugins-bad
>extra gst-plugins-base
>extra gst-plugins-good
>extra gst-plugins-ugly

>extra jre8-openjdk
>extra jdk8-openjdk

minimal packages

>basic falkon
>basic kolourpaint
>basic elisa
>basic mpv

(Pedram Pourang) #2

I hope they’ve used the latest git sources.

(Shrinivas Kumbhar) #3

no in the manjaro repo build date for pcmanfm-qt and other is 05/25/2018

(Pedram Pourang) #4

OK, this isn’t as bad as in Lubuntu because Manjaro users have access to AUR; if they report a fixed bug (there are so many), we could say, “upgrade to latest git.”

Unlike other DEs, most of the time, the latest git LXQt is the best and most stable. I say that both as an LXQt dev and as a Manjaro user.

(Shrinivas Kumbhar) #5

i could use the latest git packages in iso but i dont know how to create an repo for those git packages i have all git packages compiled.

(Pedram Pourang) #6

It’s OK; the next release shouldn’t take long – although it has already :wink:

(Shrinivas Kumbhar) #7

i installed the git packages from aur and it fixes many things and adds gtk theming,desktop icons ,seperate theming for panel, desktop notification.and some other things like open as root pcmanfm-qt. one thing is missing is auto resizing panel. when used as dock if we use it also as task manger the panel dont get automatically expanded another thing is missing that is the preview of window in task manager when mouse is hovered. and i dont get whats the use of networkmonitor widget its not showing current download/upload speed.

lxqt-archiver,lxqt_wallet, lxqt-connman-applet is not in manjaro i used ark,kwalletmanager,cmst,kde-gtk-config to have the gtk theming functionality.used bluedevil as cmst bluetooth is not that good

(Pedram Pourang) #8

Please report it as a feature request if it isn’t already reported!

I’m not sure if it’s possible independently from a window manager. LXQt is agnostic to WMs. However, IMO, it deserves a feature request of its own.

i dont get whats the use of networkmonitor widget its not showing current download/upload speed.

I use System Statistics; it shows a graph but has a tooltip. The tooltip should be enhanced to pop up immediately and show more info. Or it could be replaced by another kind of popup widget. There’s already a feature request for something like that.

lxqt-archiver,lxqt_wallet, lxqt-connman-applet is not in manjaro repo

lxqt-archiver is not ready yet but, when ready, it’ll be a powerful archive manager. I don’t know about the other two. CMST is the best tool with connman – I’m using it for a long time, since I was a Debian user.

Setup desktop switcher into two rows and two columns
(Shrinivas Kumbhar) #9



(Pedram Pourang) #10

Glad to see that LXQt users are more and more realizing that LXQt doesn’t have a fixed look-and-feel but is highly customizable :slight_smile: