Monitor Settings?


(James) #1

I use lubuntu. There is Preferences/LXQt Settings/Monitor. image

Where do I report bugs for it?

(Alf Gaida) #2

In launchpad i guess

(Dan Simmons) #3

The Lubuntu links page can be found here, there are various ways to contact the Lubuntu team from there. More information regarding bugs can be found here.

(Walter Lapchynski) #4

I totally agree that you should read the whole bug page. Short answer is ubuntu-bug lxqt-config. What’s the bug?

(James) #5
  1. When you change something (resolution, refresh rate) and then say no or let it time out, it doesn’t go back to showing the current values.

    I am doing a fresh install to VirtualBox to see if it is reproducible.

(Walter Lapchynski) #6

Yes, but at least with the resolution, the original value is bold:

it works

(James) #7

Neat, it does on a fresh install but doesn’t on my desktop.

I also noticed the default size of VirtualBox is 800x600 and a lot of the buttons are below the window size and the installer doesn’t scroll.

(Dan Simmons) #8

Vbox seems to do that now. As a work-around if you maximize the installer the auto-resize seems to work properly. Due to that issue we will force the installer full-screen in the next release.

(James) #9


What about sorting the resolutions by width? 1152x864 should be after all the 1280s in my opinion.

Should the monitor config round the refresh rates? 640x480 is 59.9405 but xrandr says 59.95.

(Alf Gaida) #10

Plain no i would guess.

(Walter Lapchynski) #11

There’s already an issue for this with work already having been done to fix it.

(James) #12

What do you think the reasoning would be not to sort the resolutions?

(Alf Gaida) #13

Meh - imagine that someone attach a monitor that is not landscape - otherwise you are right, there should be a certain order - and there is one, i guess simple string sorting. If it would be a simple one click action i would vote for your suggestion - if it would be more than three lines of code i’m strictly against :smiley:

(James) #14

I had hoped it would just be a flag to the scrollbar creator.

As for the landscape, it’d be neat if the monitor config let the user choose portrait or landscape and got the list sorted by Width or Height but that would be a lot of code.

(Alf Gaida) #15

@bjlockie - ok, it is the order that the very most users are used to:

So i guess that we don’t want to change a bit

Edit: Just see it - and i cant resist, i’ve to use swearwords. Damn, at least the output of xrandr and the drop down should match - and it doesn’t. So - i couldn’t say how it looks for you. Please provide a screenshot.

(James) #17

I noticed it is on my DVI monitor but NOT on my HDMI tv.

(James) #18

I found it difficult to compare all the lines but I didn’t see any difference on my system.

There IS a difference on my fresh install of 19.04 lubuntu on VirtualBox. It also puts 800x600 in bold but I’m using 1280x1024.

It could have been a distro bug that was fixed except bolding the current resolution of my HDMI tv doesn’t work. Oh well, I doubt people use the monitor config very much.

(Alf Gaida) #19

You use primary 800x600 with a virtual desktop of 1280x1024 - only nitpicking, was a common game back in time :slight_smile:

@tsujan - we should sort our list like the xrandr output i guess.

(Pedram Pourang) #20

I haven’t read its code so far (will take a look when I find the time) but the list is sorted by the total number of pixels, which seems logical to me.

(James) #21

Sorting the list by the total number of pixels does seen logical.

I wonder how many people know the total number of pixels.

I think it is more likely they know just the width or height.

It is a big code change to let the user choose landscape or portrait and then sort by height or width.

Sorting the same as xrandr is ok because I’m not coding it. :slight_smile: