Motherboard audio

(James) #1

I’m trying to get sound out of my front aux jack or my rear aux jacks. HDMI 2 goes to my tv.

I don’t want to have to turn on my tv just to get sound from my computer, PulseAudio Volume Control only has that 1 in the list.

alsamixer defaults to HDMI 2 but I can select HD-Audio Generic which I think is my motherboard.

(James) #2

I’m getting sound from the rear. I had to enable the Family 17 profile and change the playback to use a different output device.

Is there a way to have the sound output to 2 devices so whichever I have on can play the sound?

(James) #3

I installed paprefs from this post:

Probably solved. :slight_smile: PS! Hopefully systems sounds go to both outputs.