Network Manager on the panel Debian 10 LXQt

(ydek) #41

Congratulations on the Wiki was very good.

(Alf Gaida) #42

@ydek - thanks, but that will maybe help later. For now your problem with connman is more important - and there is a reason why we ask all the stupid questions. Unfortunately there was and there are some connman problems in the past and now - so it is important for us to know the distribution and even more important to know the used version.

Edit: For me it is easy - i just use the latest commit of connman and be done with - starting with .36 connman is really usable and cool - far more true for everything afterwards.

(ydek) #43

Would it be possible to use the lxqt-connman-applet package you indicated?

(Alf Gaida) #44

it is, but i can’t recommend it right now - just download it, make a package from and compile - should work fine. But it will not solve any of your bespoken problems.

(Shrinivas Kumbhar) #45

i would also suggest you to use connman-gtk package.

its user interface is lot more user friendly than cmst

(Shrinivas Kumbhar) #46

connman-gtk lacks vpn connection option. so use qomui

(Enzo Guerra) #47


debian buster

systemd is running (checked with top)

connman runs at startup

checked before this email

wireless network was not selected

  also have wireless network selected in connman ui  


please let me know



(Alf Gaida) #48

Was there a question - if so, i don’t understand

(Enzo Guerra) #49

hello Stefano is looking into this for me regards enzo

(Alf Gaida) #50

@Enzo - fine, i don’t have any clue about debian based distributions, linux or LXQt …

(Stefano) #51

ehm do you mean me? If so I don’t know what I’m looking into exactly… please make your question more clear. Is it about where to insert wireless password?

(ydek) #52

Alright, better wait and have a right definition. I will continue to use Connman manually.

(Alf Gaida) #53

@ydek and @enzo: anyways - if there are any real questions about connman, cmst and other things related to Debian - i still don’t have any plan about linux, LXQt, Debian and esp. networking. So don’t hesitate to ask me directly.

With my Debian Maintainer Hat on: Damn, all above is right, but if i had a look at the LXQt maint. page there are not so much open things. So i didn’t wreck 'all the things i touch’™ - and btw. i’m also the connman co-maintainer.