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(Noel) #1

Hi all! Right, basically I’m a total noob when it comes to Linux as always been a Windows person. Decided to take the plunge today and install Pop!_OS which went smooth. Wanting to change the desktop environment to more like windows I came here to get LXQt which seemed exactly what I was looking for. Installed perfectly and upon logging out and back into the new desktop I was greeted with massive icons and text. I cannot find where to change this setting as the bottom half of all windows will not display. If it helps, I have an Nvidia graphics card and running hdmi to a TV. I’m a tad frustrated at the moment so any help will be greatly appreciated.


(Stefano) #2

can you explain/correct? To move windows bigger than the screen press ALT while dragging window with left mouse button pressed.

(Pedram Pourang) #3

I think he means huge icons and texts. If so, “Pop!_OS” – which I’ve never heard of – may have added a bad environment variable. It isn’t related to Linux per se, let alone to LXQt.

@Noel8211, I’d recommend a well-known distro instead of “Pop!_OS” – like Debian, Manjaro, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE,…

(Jim Shriner) #4

Pop!_OS is a heavily customized version of Ubuntu (Gnome) created by System76 as their Linux OS which is pre-installed on Linux PCs. Well, maybe not “heavily” customized, but a homogeneous theme and icon set, wallpaper, etc… And if he bought a System76 PC with Pop already installed, that he is changing to LXQt, I’ll bet that System76 has a custom kernel with baked in GPU drivers for that specific machine.

I imagine his problem is going to be nvidia related. he mentioned nvidia, hdmi and TV as a monitor. I’d start with nvidia issues, IMO. I agree it’s probably not LXQt related.

(Pedram Pourang) #5

That’s a way of saying it is heavily customized. Its users can’t get real help from outside their circle. Such distros are definitely not good for newbies although they may be decent distros.

(Papoteur) #6

Hello, Can you give us a screenshot. We don’t figure out what is weird.

(Noel) #7

Oops just saw that. Corrected

(Noel) #8

Hey guys. Sorry for the absence but got banned for no reason and had to wait weeks to be able to post. I managed to sort out the display issue and it was due to the graphics drivers interfering with lxqt. Thanks for all your help and suggestions though as I gave up on it all

(Pedram Pourang) #9

I’m afraid that’s not possible. But good to know that you solved your problem.