Not getting reboot,shutdown,suspend options on clicking Leave in main menu

(Pranav Kulshrestha) #1

Hi guys, I am using LXQt on Ubuntu Desktop 18.04, In the main menu, when I click on Leave tab,I am not getting options for shutdown,restart etc; Is this a issue with the configuration files; Thank you for support and Regards pranav1698

(stefano) #2

Which display manager are you using? Could be related to this, sddm is recommended.

(Pranav Kulshrestha) #3

I am using sddm as display manager

(Alf Gaida) #4

hmm - only a wild guess - lxqt-policykit not available, because of no clean installation?

(Pranav Kulshrestha) #5

Lxqt-policykit was installed properly on the system with the latest version

(Timjaknz) #6

Did you install LXQt from the ubuntu repositories or build it yourself? I had the same problem with Ubuntu 18.04 but when I rebuilt LXQt from scratch the problem was resolved. I do use Openbox as my display manager though.

(Pranav Kulshrestha) #7

Thankyou timjaknz solved it building it from scratch