Open source 2d framework based on Qt QML

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Hereinafter referred to as “T2D”, Qt(quick) 2D lightweight framework crafted by the Toou team, is written using its own interface specifications and can be used for free for commercial software and open source projects. Concise code structure is easy to expand and modify, The performance and dynamics of the application are perfectly considered, solve the problem of few components, large volume, no theme package. The T2D use threshold is extremely low without in-depth study to get it right away.Every detail from the core code to the component API is carefully crafted to make it ideal for rapid development of the application interface.

::: What are his advantages

  1. Dozens of components to meet your different development needs
  2. Support for dynamic library, static library multi-mode compilation
  3. Qml plug-in is installed automatically without any environment setup
  4. All components support Theme feature
  5. Themes can be easily configured in the INI file
  6. Efficient running of switching theme without delay
  7. Better performance with Toou2D without Controls and Controls2
  8. Support for Font Awesome, Svg Icon
  9. Rich Demo for learning and reference, T2D is easier to get started with
  10. Support the use of local API documentation and network API documentation
  11. Planning a long-term open source route is clearandof and long-term maintenance is safe to use
  12. Inherit Qt cross-platform features and follow Qt syntax specification
  13. Let’s create a better tomorrow together :)

::: These open source demos were developed using T2D

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