OpenGLIsUnsafe keep return to "true" value

(maput) #1

OpenGLIsUnsafe always return to “true” after restart.

Every time “present windows” is not working or i see an kwin_11 error on journalctl, i go to kwinrc, then OpenGLIsUnsafe value change from “false” to “true”.

I just fresh install archlinux with LXQT and kwin.

(Pedram Pourang) #2

I think KDE forum is a better place for this question. LXQt has no control over kwin.

(maput) #3

oup i have no idea kwin is kde product. thanks @tsujan, i’ll go to kde forum.

(Pedram Pourang) #4

KWin is a very nice component of KDE that can be used with LXQt too – I use it for years. It has some issues both in KDE and in LXQt but (1) I know of no WM more flexible and more advanced than it, (2) KDE devs usually make it better with every release, and (3) its problems should be reported to them.