Pass for wallet is asked but it opens nothing

(Papoteur) #1

Hello, I use networkmanager to manage Network connection. When I enable the wifi, networkmamager asks for network key. After providing it, I get a window asking for opening a password manager of the system. I have provided the password of kwalletmanager which is installed, but I get a message that the unlocking is incorrect. lxqt-wallet isn’t installed. I have also keepassxc, but it has the same password as kwalletmanager. What can I do? My system is Mageia 7 with LXQt 14.1

(Stefano) #2

No idea about this, maybe it’s glued to gnome-keyring? You could try using connman and CMST for managing networks, it never asks about any of those keyring tools.

(Papoteur) #3

Hi Stefano, gnome-keyring was installed, even if I don"t use it. Just uninstalled, wait and see. What do you mean with CMST?

(Stefano) #4

Well, github non wikipedia :wink:

In debian it’s in the repositories.

(Papoteur) #5

Thanks for the link. It is for connman network manager, but I use networkmanager (I know, this is not a name) thus cmst will not be useful.

(Stefano) #6

Sure, you would have to switch systemd services, disabling networkmanager and enable connman.service