PCManFM-Qt: Mounting WebDAV-Drive over VPN does only work after rebooting the Machine?


Once again, I am very sorry for my repeating newbie questions… :wink: Probably my issue has a similar background like this one, but maybe not, so I feel better when asking to receive your expertise.

In PCManFM-Qt I often have to connect to a WebDAV drive of my employer. Therefore I have put a bookmark into PCManFM-Qt's bookmarks panel to access this drive more comfortable:


For establishing the connection and mounting the drive successfully, I have to switch on a VPN first.

Probably the way of switching on the VPN does not matter in this regard, but I want to explain it nevertheless. My employer is using a Cisco compatible OpenConnect-VPN. Therefore I first have to switch on this OpenConnect VPN connection before I can mount the drive.

Hereby I run the following schedule:

  1. Obtaining a server cookie by executing a OpenConnect-command in terminal
  2. Putting this cookie into ConnMan's CMST GUI
  3. Switch on the VPN via ConnMan's CMST GUI

Afterwards the desired VPN tunnel is working completely fine. Until here everything works great.

The only thing causing confusion is PCManFM-Qt:

Once the VPN connection is established, in PCManFM-Qt it should be possible to just click on the mentioned WebDAV-bookmark and mount the drive. Unfortunately this does not work successfully. After establishing the VPN and clicking on the bookmark, PCManFM-Qt won’t mount the WebDAV-drive. Even worse, it will throw an error:

HTTP Error: Could not connect: Connection timed out

When clicking on “OK” a further message will appear:

The specified location is not mounted

As a dirty workaround I have to reboot the whole machine at this point. After rebooting and reconnecting the VPN (without generating a new cookie), PCManFM-Qt will mount the WebDAV-drive like nothing has happened before. :grinning:

Maybe this bug has the same background like this one in the referred question above? Current version is 0.11.3, so maybe this bug would also be eliminated after updating to a newer version?

Why does PCManFM-Qt not detect the VPN already in the first attempt? Why does it require to get the whole machine rebooted first?

I am very thankful for your opinions! :slight_smile:

(Alf Gaida) #2

It’s probably the same thing - the good news is that most of these issues are fixed in the upcoming 0.14 that will likely be in the next stable.


Awesome, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity: A question about the first mounting attempt:

  • Why does PCManFM-Qt get affected by existence of a first successfull VPN connection at all (before reboot)?

  • Why can’t it see that the VPN connection is established already in the first attempt?

  • The filemanager does not have to do anything with VPN-connections, shouldn’t it? Or does it load all existing connections during bootup?

In the past I thought in this way: Either the VPN is available or it is not. So (before reboot) it seems that PCManFM-Qt does not detect that the connection is already available. It will detect if after reboot only, but not immediately after switching on the VPN.

(Mark Rabideau) #4

Since things are going to change in 0.14, the response to this is likely not relevant for very long… I’d recommend worrying about VPN again after 0.14

(Alf Gaida) #5

@Zumbali - i have no chance to test this, but it might be possible to provide you with a live image (current git) so you could test. A PM would be nice.