Pcmanfm-qt SMB "Operation not supported"

(KG) #1

Fresh install of Lubuntu 18.10 on several computers. Can connect to nas share (smb://) and browse it. When copying a local folder to the share I get “Operation not supported”. When copying a directory on the share to another it will create top level directory but no contents or recursion. Permissions checked in terminal and look ok. Also refresh of directory contents not automatic after a delete.

I tried a live version of lubuntu 19 (0.14) and has the same issues.

Installed pcmanfm (not qt version) and all works as expected.

I vaguely remember refresh being an issue with an old verion of pcmanfm. (Perhaps old code was ported or uses outdated version of smb)

(Pedram Pourang) #2

I don’t have SMB but, as far as @agaida checked it, SMB problems were fixed in 0.14.

As for SMB file monitoring (refreshing) and the difference with the GTK version, read https://github.com/lxqt/libfm-qt/issues/280#issuecomment-423821062

The Qt version uses GLib directly with its C++ codes. SMB is managed by gvfs-smb (or whatever it’s called in your distro).