PManFM-Qt search


(James) #1
  1. Go to directory ‘a’ in PManFM-Qt
  2. and then directory ‘b’ (which is under ‘a’)
  3. press backspace to go back to directory ‘a’
  4. do Tool/Find Files

The “places to search” is directory ‘b’, shouldn’t it be directory ‘a’?

(Pedram Pourang) #2

The search is done in the selected dir and, only if no dir is selected, in the currect dir. When you go to the parent dir, the child dir will be selected.

(James) #3

The selected dir is /var but the search dir is /var/tmp. Are you saying that is normal? It seems wrong to me.

(James) #4

I understand, /var/tmp is “selected”. Maybe the backspace should not select a directory by default since is easier to select one than do unselect one with the keyboard. I guess I can backspace twice to get what I want but that seems weird to me. Is there a setting to not select a directory when backspacing?

(Pedram Pourang) #5

The searched folder is clearly shown by the dialog; there’s no room for error.

Selecting a directory on going to its parent and searching in the selected directory are 2 separate features, for obvious reasons. Unlike in KDE, we don’t clutter the GUI by making every feature optional (in Dolphin, the first one doesn’t seem optional either and the second one doesn’t exist).