Problem with icons position


Hi all,

I installed Lubuntu 19.10 and everything works fine just icons on my desktop that don’t keep their positions with a laptop and 2 screens.

When my 2 screens are plugged in and I place icons on my laptop screen all is going well. When I start again without these 2 screens that all the icons have changed places.

On LXDE it worked very well and besides I could not move an icon on its 2 other screens but with LXQT I can.

Thanks in advance if you have a solution.

(Pedram Pourang) #2

What you described just means that LXDE had a problem, which doesn’t exist in LXQt.

Desktop layout should change when there is more space (= a screen is attached) and you should be able to move desktop icons to any screen. When the screen is removed, desktop layout should change again.


So no solution ? Because I use my laptop half time without 2 more screens. Thank’s

(Pedram Pourang) #4

As I mentioned above, there’s no problem to solve.

If you can’t live without the buggy behavior of LXDE, make all desktop icons sticky by selecting all of them and dragging them a little, so that they drop to their original places. Do so when you have a single screen.



OK, thanks.

after several tests I noticed that if I do an icons configuration with my laptop and therefore only one screen, I could recover this configuration only with this one screen. And it’s also the same with multiple screens.

Apparently it remembers the last configuration with the same number of screens and not the last configuration itself.

(Pedram Pourang) #6

You went beyond my poor suggestion :slight_smile: Yes, there can be multiple configs.