Problems with vnc

(Milan 007) #1

opensuse 15.0, lxqt 0.12.0

Hi all !

I have strange problem. Via /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/xxvnc I have configured vnc server for remote assistance purpose.

I can connect via vnc, solve problem, but after disconnecting from machine remote user says he see black screen. I can connect again, I see screen as usual. User does not.

I was trying resolve problem. monitor-settings shows me settings with resolution (no horizontal frequence ) “Use this monitor”
is grayed and unmarked.

Nowhere in user profile I found adequate config file. So I used “Save profile” and by hand edit - set “use monitor” to true. And then back in monitor-settings I loaded this saved profile. User says he again see desktop, but i was immediatelly after loading profile disconnected.

And I couldn’t connect again.

What was wrong ?

Older distro at same machines ( opensuse 11 / kde 3.9 ) works fine. These machines are Dell OP380.

Thanks for any useful advices. Milan